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Drawn to design

Artist, Graphic Designer, Illustrator, husband, father, foodie, surfer and scribbler.



My aim in my art is to amplify life. To try and experience the emotion of the environment and connect deeper with the world around us.

It’s fair to say I’m obsessed about the sea and its changing moods are an overriding influence on my art… Tranquility, drama, ferocity, all I try to reflect in my studies.

In the people and places I paint, I try to bring out their personalities and emotions to create something deeper and more colourful than just a straight landscape or portrait. Sometimes adding my own poetry to bring more dimension the piece.

I’ve been a scribbler ever since I could pick up a pencil so I was always destined to be an artist somehow. After schooling in Guernsey I went off to Falmouth College of Arts to study an Arts foundation, then a BA honours in illustration. After some time in Cornwall I moved back to Guernsey combining work as a graphic designer, illustrator and artist.

“I try to get in between the lines to connect with a place or a person at a deeper level.”

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I am fortunate that creativity crosses over into all my work and allows me to explore many disciplines and styles. I have over 25 years experience in graphic design and advertising; working for many agencies, starting up a web design company with friends to now being Creative Director for Healthspan. Along the way collaborating with large clients such as New Zealand All Blacks, Black Ferns, British Cycling, British Athletics, M&S, Lloyds bank offshore, MGM film studios to name a few.

I have extensive experience and success in taking products to market. From an inception of a concept through to its packaging, development, advertising and promotion in a multi channel approach.

Personally I strive for positive, life affirming graphics. My favourite graphic design projects are ones where I can incorporate my own illustrative elements, adding life, warmth and personality to a brand. This has got me involved in some great initiatives with musicians, surf brands and community projects.

Illustration is that bridge between my fine art and graphic design and I love the places it can take me.

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“From designing graphics for surf brands to storytelling, each one has a journey I love to connect with.”



I’m very fortunate to live in Guernsey with my beautiful wife Ingrid, my son Heron a black cat Maya and Raoul, my Amazonian albino frog!

When I’m not scribbling I’m eating, surfing or chateau hunting in France! “Chateau hunting in France” I hear you say? Ingrid and myself also founded The Chateau Bee, sourcing stunning wedding venues in France. Discover more about The Chateau Bee here.

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Price for artwork includes delivery by Royal Mail special delivery but not VAT. If you are buying the artwork outside of the Channel Islands you will incur VAT charges.



For prints I do bespoke orders so you can have the artwork the perfect size for your space. I do limit the amount to be produced and sign and register each one. Each print is on 310 gsm Giclée fine art paper and can have a backing mount if you wish.

Because of the bespoke nature of the prints I quote for each order but to give you an idea:

30x40cm, delivered, unframed and unmounted: £69
40x50cm, delivered, unframed and unmounted: £77
60x50cm, delivered, unframed and unmounted: £85

If you give me the height or width you would like the artwork printed I can give you an exact quote.

Art print orders outside the UK will incur further delivery costs.


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For any commissions please contact me at jamescolmer@me.com


Creative Showcase

2022 – Judge for the Sovereign Art Foundation Competition, Guernsey

2022 – Guernsey Open Arts Exhibition, Crossan Gallery

2022 – Art for Guernsey, Sustainable Bailiwick Exhibition. Guernsey Royal Court.

2022 – Guernsey Postage Stamps SEPAC edition

2022 – Art for Ukraine for SAMU charity.

2022 – Guernsey Granite Exhibition – Coach House Gallery

2021 – Judge for the Sovereign Art Foundation Competition, Guernsey

2021 – Guernsey Open Arts Exhibition, Crossan Gallery

2021 – World Earth Day Exhibition at Rocquaine by the Clean Earth Trust

2021 – Film poster illustration and design for “Occupied”

2021 – Saumarez Ward Mural, Princess Elizabeth Hospital, Guernsey

2021 – Official Write Stuff Illustrator, Guernsey Literary Festival 2021

2021 – SPRING Exhibition, Gatehouse Gallery, Guernsey

2021 – Breaking the Boundaries Exhibition, Coach House Gallery, Guernsey

2020 – Guernsey Arts Network Exhibition, St James Guernsey

2020 – LIBERATION 75: Freedom Not Forgotten exhibition

2020 – Guernsey Open Arts Exhibition 2020, Crossan Gallery

2020 – Judge for the Sovereign Art Foundation Competition, Guernsey

2020 – Judge of the PF&A Lockdown Sketch Club

2020 – Warmth of the Sun Exhibition, Coach House Gallery, Guernsey

2019 – ‘Our Fragile Planet‘ exhibition – St James, Guernsey

2019 – ‘Guernsey New Contemporary’ exhibition – Gatehouse Gallery

2019 – JJ Fox art exhibition finalist, Guernsey. Highly commended award.

2019 – Judge for the Sovereign Art Foundation Competition, Guernsey

2019 – Roustel Ward Mural, Princess Elizabeth Hospital, Guernsey

2019 – Victor Hugo’s Guernsey. Visit Guernsey

2019 – Purple Art Exhibition. Coach House Gallery, Guernsey

2019 – CMC, Guernsey. Solo exhibition

2018 – JJ Fox art exhibition finalist, Jersey/Guernsey

2018 – Judge for the Sovereign Art Foundation Competition, Guernsey

2018 – Reflections on Occupation. Candie Museum, Guernsey

2018 – Yellow Art Exhibition. Coach House Gallery, Guernsey

2018 – CMC, Guernsey. Solo exhibition

2017 – CMC, Guernsey. Solo exhibition

2017 – Arts Foundation Launch, Government House, Guernsey

2017 – Skipton Arts Festival, Guernsey

2016 – Oberlands Centre, Guernsey, permanent display

2016 – Guernsey Arts Festival

2015 – Love exhibition, Gatehouse Gallery, Guernsey

2015 – Guernsey Arts Festival

2013 – Winner in Ormerland Art competition

2012 – Winner of Livingroom, Living art competition

2012 – JJ Fox art exhibition finalist, Jersey/Guernsey

2012 – Winner of Gallery Magazine’s April art competition

2008 – JJ Fox art exhibition finalist, Jersey/Guernsey

2011 – Reclassified exhibition, Greenhouse Gallery, Guernsey

2008 – Mourant Art Prize finalist

2000 – Millenium exhibition, Guernsey