Write Stuff Competition 2021

When I was contacted by Catriona and Claire of the Guernsey Literary Festival and asked to be the illustrator for this years Write Stuff competition I jumped at the opportunity. When I discovered that the theme is Myths and Legends i thought “brilliant!” 

You see when I was in my teens I drew mostly dungeons and dragons, wizards and witches and all things fantasy. I was completely obsessed. So this was my chance to relive my childhood passions with all the experience I have now as an artist.

I was super excited but also super nervous. I calculated I needed to do 1 illustration every 2 days and my window of opportunity to work on them was after I put my son Heron to bed from 8-10ish at night. So it was going to be a mission.

When all the winning stories started flowing in all those nerves fizzled out. The stories were so well written with so much imagination it made me conjure up all sorts of weird and wonderful things to create. At that point I was raring to start.

I chose the medium depending on the tone story. Deep charcoals or black ink for the darker, eerie ones to watercolour for the more lighter numbers.

Plus all the subjects were great. As an adult its not often you can paint unicorns and rainbows without an eyebrow raised! But here I was painting mythical creatures, Hades drawing straws with Zeus and Poseidon. Dancing milk maids to a half hand, half robot getting his birthday ruined by an eight armed man with jet boots! Which was really brilliant!

So I’m so happy for the Guernsey Literary Festival and Write Stuff competition crew for giving me this amazing opportunity and especially thanks to all the entrants to the competition writing these awesome stories. I’ve had a really enjoyable time.

Illustration by me, Write Stuff Competition logo designed by Betley Whitehorne Image