Invasion of the Wavelets

The next brilliant book by Charlie and Magnus Buchanan. Set in Guernsey this children’s graphic novel, “The Invasion of the Wavelets” summons beasts from the sea! 

Creative text from Magnus, brilliant illustrations from Charlie, plus support from Art for Guernsey, I was asked to do the graphic design and craft the book for them. With the artwork so stunning, I just kept the design crisp and simple, using classic typestyle to conjure nostalgia throughout.

The Invasion of the Wavelets is the 3rd book I have collaborated with them and it’s always a pleasure. Available in limited edition A3 hardback with silver foil block lettering or A4 paperback.

Books to explore further

Other books they have written and illustrated are “Soul of the Sea“, a poetic translation of Victor Hugo’s Toilers of the Sea and “Osmond the Owl Boy“, a boy who grew up in Sark and sprouted wings! All of these I helped with the book design.

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